About Me

Ohio Booze Blog, Ohio Wineries, Ohio BreweriesHello, all!  My name is Morgan Galloway, and I’m a senior at Kent State University, studying public relations.

I’m the proud mom of a pug I rescued named Walter.  I know it sounds creepy, but that little guy is my life.  If I had the time and the space I would definitely have some sort of pug refuge.  Nothing compares to the little snorts he makes and that squishy pug face.

I hail from the small town of Madison, Ohio, located on Lake Erie and oftentimes referred to as Ohio’s wine country.

Walter enjoying a bone

I’m a lady of the night…and I don’t mean a prostitute!  I’ve bartended my way through college, which has resulted in an erratic sleep schedule and a broad knowledge of what people like to drink while they’re out and about.  I’ve worked at a golf course, neighborhood bars and restaurants, and currently bartend at a bowling alley in Kent, Ohio, called the 11th Frame Lounge.

I’ve met people from all walks of life in my years as a bartender and have learned not to judge anyone because you never know his or her story.  I offer my customers a little something called liquid therapy because sometimes nothing is more relaxing at the end of a rough day than a cocktail and a third-party perspective.  I encourage responsible alcohol consumption, but definitely understand the need to get a little rowdy now and then.  Check out my about me video.  Enjoy!



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